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Gravitating mainly around her acoustic guitar and a light and warm tone of voice, Amy Lyhie‘s music expresses a subtle mix of genres. Her pop-folk compositions, intermingled with soul, rock and reggae influences, give something fresh to the new scene.

Originally from France, the singer-songwriter began her career in 2014, when she reached the semi-finals of the « Côte-d’Or Festival Song » competition in Bourgogne (France). She then started working on her debut album « The Sunshine LP« , which attracted the attention of several local radio stations and venues, such as NIKY Radio, where she stayed 4 weeks in a row at the top spot of the Top 10 countdown with her song « Alors Comme Ça« .

In 2019, Amy moved to Montreal to expand her musical circle and immerse herself in new sounds and inspirations. She began performing regularly two nights a week, developing her stage experience, playing acoustic covers and original songs in a warm atmosphere.

During 2020, she starts working on a second album « I’ll be Alright« , whose melodies are painted with different colours than the predecessor’s, floating in a more alternative, soulful and bluesy atmosphere. 

In spring 2021, Amy released new singles « Superficial Night« , « Vertigo » and « Nothing You Can Say » to introduce this second opus.

Since September 23th, 2021, « I’ll be Alright » is available on every streaming platform.


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