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About me

Originally from France, Amy Lyhie started her music career in 2014 when she reached the semifinals at the “Cote d’or festival song” in Bourgogne. She then started working on her first album Sunshine that caught the attention of multiple local radio stations and venues such as NICKY RADIO, where she stayed 4 weeks in a row at the top spot of the top 10 countdown with her song “Alors comme ça”. 

Her style of Ukulele and guitar brings something fresh to the folk, rock, soul, and blues platform. She brought her talent to Montreal in 2019 so she could start working on her new album that is planned to have a touch of soulful, alternative and blues vibe to it. 

Be excited for the release of her new album in 2020 where she exposes her raw talent to the world.

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